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A new way to see more!

Yaya Lens Media is meant for you, the creative, flexible, and adventurous person who yearns to try out unique and memorable things in life. We are passionate about your story, about what makes you tick, about your style and fashion. The way you want it, that’s how we do it, walking with you step by step to help you discover a new way to see more in your story.

We arelooking for you

Wedding couple

  • Say “I do” to your love with memorable pictures that speak your heart’s desire.
  • Let all your network of friends and family share the joy, happiness and laughter of your unique love story.
  • We capture the beauty moments, the fashion, accessories, bridal and groom portrait, the walk-down, ring exchange, laughter and …ooh, the first kiss and dance!!
  • We join you by painting pictures of love and breath-taking sweet memories that will linger forever.
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Customized packages for you:

Schools / Institutions

  • Do you want to show your target market your potential to provide quality education?
  • How about your facilities and how they are related to success and children’s development?
  • What about your rich and strong academic history that demonstrates your consistency in providing quality education?
  • How about extra curriculum activities and how you are the leader in your own unique way?
  • Do you have a challenge with video streaming, video lessons and other multimedia content?
  • Yaya Lens Media is positioned as the flexible, innovative and thoughtful partner.
  • Seeing things from your end and customizing to meet your needs so you can see your work differently.

Corporate Institutions

  • How do you walk with your customers? Are they behind you, ahead or walking with you?
  • We are here to support your marketing needs, events and online video streaming projects.
  • We provide solutions in line with your customer journeys; acquisition, engagement and retention.
  • We believe that every activity you engage us in, is aimed at your customer in their journey process and so we design a path to ensure that your objective is achieved.
  • Furthermore, we combine research, marketing, communication and advertising in our work giving you more value for every investment you make with us.

We also provide other events’ coverage customized for individual and corporate needs.

Our Photography Studio

Are you tired of commuting many miles to have a cool photo shoot? Don’t worry about the jam, the hustle and fatigue that comes with our everyday Nairobi traffic. Yaya Lens Media has brought the service closer to you than you can imagine.

With our photography studio in the area, we are more than ready to meet all your photography needs; self-portrait, friends, family and music band. 

This is what you will get;

  1. Changing area so you can have multiple photos with different outfits
  2. You have the opportunity to focus on your image as we provide up to 90 minutes depending with your needs.
  3. We focus on you holistically so we create quality photos that define your personality
  4. You walk away with printed photo both in a soft copy and frame
  5. You have a friendly environment as you wait to be served. 

We also provide out-door photography services:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Baby Showers
  3. Engagements and Weddings
  4. Picnics
  5. Events
  6. Adventures

Call us and let’s talk about your photography needs.

Your Journey with us

1. Place your inquiry by visiting our office or through the website by filling a form, making a call, or via WhatsApp.

2. Pre-production– in-depth understanding of your needs.

3. Engagement & Commitment

4. Production & editing customized just for you.

5. Delivery timelines will be observed.