How to always look good in photos

Its everyone’s desire to always look great in every photo they take. However, sometimes the photo might not turn out as appealing as you would have wanted. Very many things can lead to your photo not turning out perfectly. Taking a photo can seem like a very easy task but there is a lot that goes into it.

In today’s blog post, we will look at some tips on how to always look great in photos.


Poor lighting is synonymous with a bad photo.  If you want to always look great in every photo you take, make sure that the lighting in which you take your photo is perfect. There are various lighting options you can use depending on the type of photo you want.

For casual photos, natural lighting will work just fine as long as you position your self correctly. You always want to avoid taking pictures while standing directly under a light source. For more formal situations and at night photography using extra light sources will result into greater looking photos.

However, be keen since certain lighting tends to be very unflattering. You want to stay away from fluorescent light bulbs since they cast a cloudy greenish haze. A great photo is determined by how good the lighting is.


If you want to look great in photos you take, posture is everything. Depending on the kind of photo, style and aesthetic that you are trying to achieve, posture of the subject is very crucial in determining the outcome of the photo. Slouching in a full body photo tends to look unappealing to the eyes.

Study yourself

In order to always look great in photos, you need to assess your previous photos and see what you like and don’t like. This is very important so that you can take note of which poses, angles and outfits are more flattering when you are taking photos.


Practice makes perfect. It is completely normal to practice your poses in front of a mirror and find out what looks best in your eyes. Take your own photos an see how you like them and adjust accordingly.


When you take photos when you have not gotten enough rest, this will be very clear in your photo. A well-rested face will always appear to be much better than a tired one. Makeup will not always be effective in hiding eye bags.

The eyes tend to appear dull and tired if you are consistently not getting enough rest. Staying hydrated can also help make the face and skin supple and young.

Make sure your outfit looks good

How to always look good in photos

If you are taking a full body shot, making sure that your outfit flatters your body is key. You should also dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident since it will be very evident if you wear an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Camera angles

The perfect camera angle will result into the perfect picture. Photos taken from different camera angles will result into different looking photos. Some camera angles make the face look flattering while others do the opposite. Work with different camera angles to see which is the best angle for you.

Know your most flattering angles

A majority of people have a side of their face that they prefer when posing for pictures. Being aware of angles that are most flattering to your face and body will help you to be more confident when taking pictures and always look good in them. You can practice for various poses while at home in the mirror and take your own photos while posing differently to see what looks most flattering.


You must make sure that your makeup flatters your features and matches your skin tone. If you take photos while wearing foundation that does not match your skin tone, this will be picked up by the camera and result into unflattering photos.             


If you want to look amazing in your photos, you should keep in mind that your hair can make or break your photo.

Style your hair in the way you like best, opting for the style that flatters your facial features and makes you feel most confident. It does not have to be anything fancy but it’s the small details that make the greatest difference.


How to always look good in photos

Editing photos is very important, you can even out irregularities, balance lighting, smoothen the skin, change the background. There is almost nothing you cannot achieve with editing.

This however does not mean that you can take a terrible photo with the thought that you will correct it later on during editing. You can use editing software such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Editing photos is a quick and simple process that will help you achieve any desired outcome.

Balance out your photo

Make sure that you are at the center of the photo and observe the rule of thirds. Use props to balance out empty photo space and avoid an extremely busy background. Props are important to add life to a story and break any awkwardness with the subject. A prop can be as simple as a coffee mug or as complex as dummies.

Following the rule of third is also important as this will help make sure that your photo turns out perfect.


In order to look good in every photo, you have to ensure that all the tips discussed have been kept in mind. Remember that taking photos is fun and you should always experiment with different styles of taking photos.

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