How to prepare for a photoshoot as a photographer

How well you prepare for a photoshoot as a photographer before the actual photoshoot can determine whether or not it will be successful.

Every professional photographer knows how important preparing for a photoshoot is to avoid any embarrassment during the actual shoot.

In order to have a successful photoshoot, it is crucial that you prepare adequately the night before. Doing preparations before the actual day of the photoshoot will give you an easy time during the actual day of the shoot.

As a photographer, showing up to the photoshoot adequately prepared will also leave a great first impression on your clients. This will help you retain almost all clients you will work with.

How to prepare for a photoshoot as a photographer;

Create concept

If the client has not come up with a concept or proposed any ideas, it is important that you create a concept and set a theme for the photoshoot you are about to have.

There are many ways of coming up with a concept or theme for a photoshoot. When meeting up with your client, make sure to ask a couple of questions that will help you settle on the right theme.

Some questions you can ask your client to help you choose a theme include; what are their hobbies, if they could be anyone for a day, who would they be etc.

Use visual apps like Pinterest and Instagram to get some inspiration. Check out work done by other photographers to get an idea of what you might like to do for the photoshoot.

Coming up with a vision board will help you have a clear visual of what exactly the style of the photoshoot will be like.

Check equipment night before

First and foremost make sure that you have your equipment ready. Make sure that your cameras are fully charged and do not forget to carry extra batteries just in case anything happens. Ensure that you also pack all your equipment the night before to avoid any delays during the day of the photoshoot. If you will be needing any other extra equipment other than your camera, make sure that you also pack them.

Do not forget to carry any props you think you might need.

Make sure that your camera settings have been set to save on time on the day of the photoshoot.

Set up the studio

For in door photoshoots, make sure that your studio is set for the photo session. Clean up the studio before your client arrive and make sure that everything is already set up.

It is also wise to do a test run of all the equipment in the studio to make sure that everything is working just fine.

Carry an extra battery

Even though your camera batteries are fully charged, it won’t hurt to carry an extra battery just in case. It is always wise to have a backup.

Charge camera batteries

Make sure that you have fully charged your camera and counter check this. It would be such a big embarrassment to arrive at the photo session and realize that you forgot to charge your camera.

Scout the shooting location prior to the shoot

Make sure you are familiar with the location in which the shoot will be taking place.

This most especially applies in situations where the client has already chosen a particular location.

If the location is not familiar, use google maps and scout the location prior to the day of the photoshoot. You can even take some shots of the area to get the general aesthetic of the location.

If you are the one choosing the location, look for areas that fits the theme of the clients needs.

Going to the location before the actual day of the photoshoot will help you figure out whether that location is right depending on the terrain, number of people passing by and lighting conditions.

Get clear on the client’s needs

During the booking of the shoot with the client, make sure you ask as many questions as possible and note down important key points. It is important to fully know what the client wants and expects during the photo session.

Make sure that lighting is perfect

Make sure that the lighting in your photo studio is perfect and working. For outdoor photo session, carry appropriate lighting equipment to ensure that your photos are beautiful and striking.

Pack props

For outdoor photo session, make sure to carry a few light props that you can use during the photo session. It is always good to show up prepared in case of anything.


As a photographer, how you prepare for a photoshoot can break or make how well your photoshoot will go.

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