Tips for child photography that will blow your mind

Having access to amazing tips for child photography will come in handy in the event you need to photograph a young one.

Child photography is uniquely different from any other kind of photography. Its is extremely rewarding yet challenging. This is because children have a mind of their own and you can not force them to do what they do not want to do. There is a lot to factor in when it comes to child photography.

Kids have a tendency of moving around a lot and to get a great shot of them can prove to be a challenge. They also get bored doing one activity pretty fast so you have to work within a narrow time frame before they call it quits.

Whether you are a parent wanting to capture memories of your little one or a photographer working with a client’s child, these are 20 amazing tips for child photography you can use in your next photo session.

Tips for child photography

Prepare ahead of time

In our article how to prepare for a photoshoot as a photographer, we discussed how important it is to always have everything ready before the actual day of the photoshoot.

Children have a limited attention span, therefore you can not afford to waste any time. This is why you have to make sure that you are well prepared before the day of the shoot. Have a checklist of all the equipment you need or think you might need and pack them way ahead of time. Do not forget to carry the essentials. Make sure you carry extra camera batteries and a few props that you might need. Charge your camera the night before.

Choose a simple background

Working with a busy background can get overwhelming especially when working with children. Always opt for minimalistic backgrounds so that the child is the main focus of the photo.

Capture every moment

Children tend to be all over the place and are always busy. Take photos of everything the child does during the shoot. Pictures that are capture while the subject has been caught unaware can result into really great photos.

Make it fun

Make the experience memorable for the child during the photoshoot. Get the child to be actively be involved in the photoshoot and engage with them as much as possible. Make sure to show them all the photos afterward and allow them them to choose the photos they like the most.

Break up the types of shots you take

Take a variety of shots. Mix in full body shots with more zoomed in photos. Try to move in closer to their feet and hands too. Make sure to take a variety of photos so that you can have a wide variety of photos to choose from.

They don’t need to be happy or smiling

The first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word child photography is a smiling and happy photo. However, there is a wide range of other emotions that can be captured on camera. For example, curiosity, concentration, fear, anticipation and many others can make a meaningful photo. Child photography should help capture the child personality and other emotions apart from happiness.

Do not get upset if you are not able to capture any ‘happy photos’.

Be patient

It can get very frustrating when the child you are working with is not cooperating. Always remember that they are children and that thing do not have to go as planned. Let go of any fixed ideas you had in mind and go with the flow. Follow the lead of the child and take photos of them in their most natural state.

Be flexible and open to change of plans

One of the handy tips for child photography is to always be open to change of plans.

Sometimes photoshoots do not always go according to plan most especially children’s photoshoots. You might had planned to get a certain type of shot but the child has other plans in mind. There is only so much you can control especially for younger children.

Do not keep them for too long

Do not make the shoot session too long because this will tire out the child and you will have a hard time working with them. Watch out for signs that they are already over the shoot and start wrapping up from there.

Practice, practice, practice

If you are a professional photographer and you just booked your first child photography shoot, make sure to do tons of practice with other children before the actual day of the shoot. This will help you gain more confidence.

Follow their lead

Give the child the chance and room to roam around freely and get comfortable in their surrounding. Capture them in their natural state as they explore their new environment. This will make for the best authentic photos.

Get the child used to being in front of the camera

This is a brilliant tip for parents who want to take photos of their kids by themselves. The more you pick up the camera and take photos of your child, the more comfortable they will feel being photographed.

Get down on their level

tips for child photography

You are most likely to be much taller than a toddler or young child. Make sure to get somewhat down to their level to get the best shots.

Guide them on how to pose

It can sometimes be hard as an adult to know how to pose for a picture , and this means that for children they need more guidance and how to pose. This especially applies for studio shoots where there is not much of a natural background for the child to naturally explore in.

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