Yaya Lens Media is meant for individuals, institutions, NGOs and corporate organizations who are focused on creativity to build unique and memorable images in life. We are passionate about your story and hapiness, about what makes you tick, about your style and fashion. The way you want it, that’s how we do it, walking with you step by step to help you discover a new way to see more in your story. We use modern technology in photography and videography to help you connect conveniently thereby staying safe and healthy while reducing cost. Walk with us to discover a new way of seeing more in your story.


To be one of the best innovative photographers globally.


We use innovation to build your image not just photo.


A new way to see more


Our Motivation

Our aspiration is guided by the SERVICE QUALITY model which communicates 5 core focus in our service to you.


The world is changing and so do we. We believe the only way to serve you better is by consistently yearning to evolve by learning and improving. We embrace research and upskilling that equip us with new industry trends thereby give you up to date service.

Customer Satisfaction

The reason we do what we do is because of you. We work tirelessly to meet your ever-changing needs. So we are always looking for what makes you happy to ensure we become partners. By this, we will be able to journey longer with you.

Our Values

Our aspiration is guided by the SERVICE QUALITY model which communicates 5 core focus in our service to you.



We are positioned to be dependable any time you need us to solve your problem.


Expertise and skills within our journey team members are our insurance to you.


Our facilities, technology and staff demonstrate our commitment to quality.


We wear your shoes, feel your pain and recommend the best medicine.


We are prompt when you need us.

Our journey team

yatchman joseph

Joseph Yatchman

Joseph is one such person who never gives up on what he wants. His love for photography began in 2005 when he signed up with Nairobi Aviation College to pursue a diploma in mass communication , even though he stopped to focus on other engagements with his former airline employer, he has been persistent in his passion, doing small gigs in photography.

He would later enrol again after 13 years to finish where he stopped where he is currently in his fourth year studying bachelor in mass communication at Mt. Kenya University. Joseph  is very keen and detailed in what he does hence dependable in eliminating grey areas in your project, making it just the way you want it with creativity. He is the lead photographer and videographer. He is also skilled in TV production, radio production, script writing and PR activities. You can count on Joseph to help you see more in your story.

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Marketing / Operations

Evelyn’s passion for photography is evidenced in her consistent urge to capture memorable images in social gatherings from time to time. In fact, at one time, her pictures were used as evidence to settle a case before the local chief back then in Migori County. With her background in research, she is keen to learn more and discover new technics that can bring fresh breadth within the photographic industry. She has worked as a marketing officer within various industries; pharmaceuticals, insurance, and cooperatives which give her expertise in understanding your marketing needs.

Currently, she works as a part-time tutor in one of the colleges teaching marketing & digital marketing certification courses. She is a holder of a Diploma in International Relations (Kenya Polytechnic), BBA- Marketing (Maseno University), MBA Marketing (Kenyatta University), and has accomplished postgraduate diploma studies in professional marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She is also a Chartered Marketer.

Evelyn’s skills revolve around; research, technical writing, content writing, strategy formulation, and image/video storytelling.  We believe her expertise and experience combined with her team talents, will bring more value to you and your organization through her consistency in value creation, innovation, and customer engagement.

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Customer Care

Grace is one such happy girl, always smiling and very welcoming. She is a quick learner and committed to whatever assignment she gets. She has completed her Computer Course up to level 4 giving her expertise to understand how to solve customer problems with the current technology. She is the one you meet with, who welcomes you and makes you feel special. In fact, when you meet her for the first time, someone may think you have been buddies for a long time. She has the aspiration of becoming one of the best front office managers in Kenya. For now, she is taking it cool and serving her clients to the best of her ability.